A sustainable alternative to the hydraulic cylinder

InMotion / June 2023

The Eco Electric cylinders offered by Mondial, the result of the Group’s collaboration with Global Technical Service, represent a sustainable innovation and alternative to hydraulic components, especially in applications related to the food and pharmaceutical industries, where contamination must be absolutely avoided.

The Eco Electric cylinders developed by Global Technical Service are the result of more than 40 years of experience in mechatronics and, in particular, in the servo-axis sector. These cylinders represent an alternative, innovative solution in the field of hydraulics, as they do not use components such as hydraulic oils. They are efficient and sustainable, and protect the safety of the processed products, as is often required, for example,
in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, they also represent an essential breakthrough for the metalworking industry, where hydraulic components are banned due to their high flammability.
“About 2 years ago, we started collaborating with Global Technical Service,” explained Giuseppe Milone, Product Manager - Linear Systems at Mondial. “The interaction allowed us to develop the Eco Electric cylinder range, which is now available in 8 sizes.
At a recent trade fair we attended, we presented a Size 5 cylinder. Global Technical Service’s experience in the machine tool sector, and the material
provided by Mondial, has allowed us to develop a product with unique and exclusive technical characteristics that are hard to find on the market,” Giuseppe Milone added.

The perfect solution to meet automation and control needs
Eco Electric cylinders fit into multiple fields of application and are the ideal solution wherever there is a need for automation and control, as they have built-in verification and data collection capabilities. Made of stainless steel, Eco Electric cylinders not only align automatically, without the need for external systems and sensors, but are also available in different sizes ranging from 800 kg up to 50 tonnes. The GTS cylinders are a true innovative
upgrade: for their process sustainability; for their wide compatibility with the most diverse production requirements thanks to the extremely diverse range of sizes; because they allow the control o physical variables (speed, force, torque, acceleration and position) without the use of transducers.

The ideal product for the pharmaceutical and food industries
In the standard range, this solution has advantages such as centralised lubrication; built-in guide system; 316 stainless steel construction, which is especially essential in applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries (from size 4 to 8); painted carbon steel is available as an option; and IP 69 protection, which allows the end user to easily clean both the machine and the cylinder. “The possibility of application in the food sector is definitely strategic, especially in the initial stages of the process, when the product is pressed to be circulated in the plant; the use of hydraulic components
would entail a high risk of contamination; the electrical component plays a key role in these applications” concluded Milone.
The same applies to the pharmaceutical sector, where contamination is to be  absolutely avoided, as well as to the metallurgy sector, where hydraulic
components are currently banned because they are flammable. In the near future, thanks to the technical solutions already provided in the standard versions, the presence of GTS will be extended in the catalogue, while continuing to develop custom versions for special applications. Innovative executions dedicated to energy savings for applications in the plastic sector will also be added.”

This is a mission that Mondial and GTS are pursuing thanks to the constant evolution of mechatronic solutions that allow them to create integrated solutions that innovate production paradigms.